Solutionist [se-'lü -shen-ist] - noun

1. an expert at translating innovative, strategic vision into achievable tactics, and managing those programs to successful completion.
2. an executive leader's most valuable utility player.

Taking a complex idea and making it simple is hard work. But that is what a Solutionist does.

You're probably asking yourself how! It's all about breaking the project down into workable tactics.

A Solutionist sits down with you to understand your organization and goals, distills the information available, considers your people's skills and assesses any situational challenges to form a clearly defined plan of attack.

Don't worry, the Solutionist also manages that plan and measures the results. Who knows, along the way there might be a few bumps in the road, but it's the Solutionist's job to seamlessly manage these issues and adjust the plan where necessary. You get regular updates on project status, heads-up on issues (and of course recommendations on solutions), and bottom-line results.

This is much more than project management. YOUR solution is as tailored as your needs. A Solutionist is here to implement your vision, bringing the combination of hard and soft skills needed to successfully manage whatever intricate - perhaps even cumbersome - project issues you face.