Expert Project Management. Exceptional Team Leadership.

"The human glue" that creates and maintains team synergies and "the project lightening rod" are the feedback from two clients, one even said I am, "the nicest pit bill you'll ever meet". What they all agree on is that I get the job done.

Executive leaders and stakeholders who've invested in a program often just can't be involved in project minutiae. This is where I come in. I am hired to shape their detailed plans and to provide the day-to-day leadership on their behalf.

So, how does this work...

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You initiate the project and I assimilate your goals and vision and translate all those great ideas into an organized set of clearly defined tasks and deliverables.

I make sure I have a thorough integrated understanding of your priorities, timelines, risks, possible contraints, and of course the skills and abilities of the project participants. With this, we have all the components to develop an effective plan.

Collaboration is key, but this needs to be done with authority. I partner with team members and ensure everyone understands and crucially buys-in to their role and responsibilities. This complete start-up approach provides us with clear expectations, shared goals and a achievable tactical plan.

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Once the project is underway, my guiding principles are effectiveness and efficiency.

Quantified progress tracking, comprehensive and regular communications, judicious status reporting, and timely identification and resolution of issues are all standard methods to keep project agendas on track.

But as a Solutionist, my role is about much more than administration (no matter how important that is). I combine a disciplined process with exceptional interpersonal skills to create a productive, motivated, and comfortable team dynamic.

I make sure everyone remains results-oriented towards the common goals, efficiently utilize subject matter experts who often have limited availability, and irrespective of how well things are going continually seek opportunities to save you time and money.

nationwide solutionist


Creative, composed, proactive and realistic describe my modus operandi when project obstacles arise.

The ability to promptly recognize potential risk areas by diligently monitoring the critical path and measuring actual progress against planned is key. As soon as problems arise, new learnings emerge, or adjustments become necessary, I rapidly bring in the appropriate resources and decision makers to develop timely solutions.

As said at the outset, you haven't got time for the minutiae. I navigate the inevitable unplanned events with minimal disruption, keeping the project effort aligned so we deliver your ultimate goal.