My name is Yvette Ruiz and I am a Solutionist.

With over 20 years of management consulting experience, I have successfully implemented a diverse range of projects across the private and public sectors. My expertise lies in translating your vision and innovative thinking into workable deliverables and tactics to get there.

I have done this successfully throughout my career with both profit-driven businesses and mission-driven organizations. Whether I'm working with a five-person think tank or a Fortune 500 leader, I am just as comfortable with the team in the trenches as I am with C-Level executives; after all, each and every one of them has a contribution to make in delivering success.

I have always been fascinated by new ideas, challenging perceptions, and championing innovation. There's nothing more rewarding than successfully implementing non-mainstream ideas in unchartered waters! Helping programs that aspire to achieve scalable and sustainable social benefit and change is a great passion of mine.

nationwide solution specialist To put it simply, I work the best with visionary leaders who need their project roadmap defined, when goals are ambitious and timelines aggressive, and on initiatives that seem to have plenty of activity yet not enough progress - these might need some project plan revisions or plain old team leadership. Those are the challenges you just have to enjoy!

I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Iowa with a BS with honors degree in Computer Science and a Concentration in Business.

And away from work, I love the great outdoors skiing and biking, and while at home I spoil my pets rotten and relax by cooking and playing the piano.